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Every beard has a life of its own – and so it must be tamed to your individuality. This beard comb is made from Wood so it has many benefits such as ;

1 . Plastic and metal brushes are rough on the scalp. Wooden combs are soft and polished. They have a much softer feel than plastic or metal combs. If you have sensitive scalp then wooden combs can prevent bruising or scraping your scalp.

2 . Wooden combs prevent your hair from dying out because it helps to distribute oil from your scalp to hair

3 . Unlike plastic, it doesn’t produce static or snap your hair. Wood has the property to not conduct electricity so it prevents damage from static.

4 . For long hair, wooden combs are best because they evenly distribute hair oils in the length. Your hair appears shiny, they give you hair an even and lustrous look.


Its a Comb for crying out loud!


(product may differ slightly from image)

Reviews (3)

  1. Faizan Sunge
    ( 3 Reviews )
    April 23, 2022
    Great comb
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    Karyn Wright
    ( 3 Reviews )
    February 14, 2022
    Great quality comb, I did expect it to be a bit bigger but it does the job and my husband is satisfied.
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    Jaco Steyn
    ( 3 Reviews )
    April 6, 2021
    although a good quality comb, the actual comb delivered is just half the size of the image on the website!
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