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Utility Bar Soap

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All in one Utility Soap Bar!

It’s time to simplify your shower, man. One bar, FIVE different functions. Our Utility Bar Soap is engineered to work as a body wash, shave soap, face cleanser, beard wash, and hair shampoo. This bar pulls its weight. Think it can’t hold it’s own as a shampoo or shaving soap? We guarantee it will out-perform any cheap product you can pick up at your local grocery store.

This puck-shaped bad boy is easy to hold, so you’ll only drop it when you’re ready to step out of the shower and face-off with the day. The glide lather coasts over your skin like a cross-ice pass from Gretzky. And when used as a shaving soap, the low-foam formula lets you see your edges as you trim your beard lines, allowing for maximum precision.

Need to pack light for a trip? This bar is a requirement. Like all of our products, it’s airline friendly and won’t get you flagged and patted down by security. And if said trip leaves you marooned on a deserted island—you’ll be glad you packed a Utility Bar.

1 review for Utility Bar Soap

  1. Johann van der Merwe

    I was really impressed how great this soap is for my beard, it is full of thick foam that even after one wash made my beard feel softer and easier to manage.
    I also used it as a shaving cream and it worked great.

    Real all in one soap.

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