Sea Salt Matte Styling Spray

SKU: 11235-1


Create texture and body with light hold. Suitable for all hair types and perfect for achieving a lived-in, beach look with a matte finish

Have you ever wished your locks could look as luscious as they do after hanging out at the beach, year round? Well now they can. With the new men’s sea salt spray, you can recreate your favorite beach hair anytime, anywhere. This Sea Salt Spray blend will have you smelling like you just got done hiking through the Wilderness Forest.

Infused with a TOP SECRET mixture to mimic the grit of beach sand, our sea salt spray takes the standard waves and volume you get from salt water and adds a touch of extra texture and hold. Like sand in the ocean, the kaolinite clay will separate and settle at the bottom of the bottle – give it a shake and spray generously on mid-lengths and ends, then style and air or blow dry for natural looking tousled beach waves.

Sure, the best way to get that textured hair might be to soak up some sun in the sand and ocean. But if you can’t hit the surf, then reach for the our Sea Salt Spray from BeardBoys – afterall its like the ocean in a bottle.


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