Leather Apron – Diesel Brown

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Diesel Brown Leather Apron made from 100% leather!

Aprons are experiencing a renaissance. While the food and hospitality industries have used aprons as a vital part of their uniforms for years and years, aprons are making a dramatic comeback in other industries as well. Why? One word: VERSATILITY. You can wear your custom made apron while giving a haircut, washing dishes, painting the wall or grilling out in the backyard.

So we decided to source the best leather one can find, get it handmade and the end result was so great that we decided to kit all our staff with one of these!

Why constantly switch clothes when you can throw on a personalized custom made apron as a coverall and tackle all the tasks ahead of you?

Beard Boys logo is carefully laser etched into the leather giving it a unique look that will have others fueling with Envy!


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