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Hair Pomade Paste

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Hair Pomade by Beard Boys, add this to your daily hair styling ritual…

Hair Pomade – Light Shine, Medium Hold

Hair paste is an easy way to make your hair look more polished and styled without turning you into a cast member of the Jersey Shore Series.

Combining the best of a water-based pomade with an oil-based pomade to create a unique mixture of hair dressing with form and function. Malleable all day without a crunchy feeling, this product will do what you want and keep you smelling great as it does it’s job. This hair cream washes out with ease while leaving the hair feeling great.

Works perfect on all Hair Do’s

How to Use

For less shine apply to dry hair. For more shine apply to damp hair.

Start with a small amount in your hands and rub together to warm the pomade paste. Apply to hair and work evenly all over root to tip. Finish with a comb or brush to your desired style and forget about it. It’ll stay, don’t worry. When you want to remove simply rinse with warm water.

2 reviews for Hair Pomade Paste

  1. Adam

    Good quality. It works. Washes out easily. Not too heavy.

  2. Larry

    This is a wonderful product! Holds hair well and isn’t too heavy. Highly recommended.

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