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This scentual Body Mist Spray is designed to keep the body feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day. They aren’t as heavy in application as a perfume or cologne and they help cool skin down when overexposed to the sun.

How To Wear Body Mist Spray

Apply After Showering
A clean body allows skin to absorb a scent longer. Jump in the shower and purge your skin of any free radicals. But before spraying away, wait for skin to become completely dry, as the humidity of the bathroom can impact sillage.

Don’t Spray Directly Onto Clothing
It’s become a cardinal sin to spray any fragrance directly onto your wardrobe. Synthetic ingredients will damage and stain certain fabrics. Airflow can also make the scent dissipate much quicker, defeating all purpose of preserving the smell.

Hit Your Pulse Points
Behind the knee. Bottom of the throat. Inside the elbows. On the wrist. These are all spots where heat emits to help fragrances develop faster.Slightly apply onto those areas and save much of your spraying for another major body part.

Keep Skin Hydrated
Every man has a different skin type that reacts differently to fragrances. Nonetheless, you want to create a moisturizing effect on the areas where you’ll want the body mist to manifest most. A great body lotion comes in handy for these situations.

Make It A Once-A-Day Thing
Guys can be a bit overzealous with fragrances, but a good body spray boasts strong longevity to where you’ll only need to use the product once every 24 hours. So quit weighing down your senses and allow the mist to work its wizadry.

Never. Mix. Scents.
Layering aromas is already tricky when dealing with body scents. Unless you’re well acclimated with doing so, take the safe route and work with any other grooming-scented products that share the same, if not similar essences.

Work The Upper Body
To gain quality scent coverage, look to spray about six inches away from the body. Holding it seven to nine inches away can provide more coverage if necessary. Target your armpits, chest, and neck with a good two-to-three second release for each area.

These are simple grooming pointers any man can pick up. Stick within the routine and you’re sure to bask in aromatic bliss. Look to keep heads turning in the office or after SoulCycle class with any of these misty selections.

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