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In Hints, Update and News

With such a large variety of awesome grooming products to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to make a final decision. Even more so when you’re not completely aware of the similarities and differences between two products that serve the same purpose.

We have had a recent influx of questions from our customers concerning Beard Oil and Beard Balm, also commonly termed “balm”. Since the oil and the balm both moisturize your beard, and the skin below it, you sometimes ask yourself which product works best for you?

Although the answer to this question weighs heavily on personal preference, there are some aspects of both you and the products that need to be considered. For example, what type/length of beard you’re rocking. Another variable to take into consideration is what type of skin you have. Is it dryer than normal, or is it excessively oily? Do you like your beard to have a shiny appearance, or prefer it to look a little less sleek?

All of these questions apply when choosing to purchase balm or oil. If you finish reading this article and still can’t make up your mind, take the safe route and use both the oil and the balm. You can never have too much grooming supplies for your face blanket.

Now, although the title indicates a battle between the two products with only one winner, I thought instead i’d write a blog post clearly indicating the differences between the balm and oil and what to use when, along with some useful grooming tips & tricks.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is the classic go-to grooming accessory for the modern beardsman. When you start getting that itch in the early stages of growing, or the sun hits you just right to reveal the snow storm of beardruff, beard oil is the product that pops into your mind.

If you have a short to medium length beard, beard oil might be the perfect solution for you. Especially if you have regular or even “oily” skin. Beard oil is a light moisturizer that can be applied throughout your entire beard quickly and effortlessly.

The oil tends to be absorbed quicker that the balm. As a result, your beard will have a flatter finish appearance, rather than glossy. For the men with longer beards, I would recommend using a beard brush or comb to rake the oil through the entire beard. Oil will afford you with a silky smooth beard without the gunky texture you might experience from using over the counter skin moisturizers and conditioners.

Beard Balm

From my personal experience, I would recommend beard balm to the guys rocking a medium to long beard style. That being said, if you have a short beard and experience excessive drying of the skin,  Balm might work better for you than oil. The Beard Balm was designed to have a higher viscosity than the oil.

When applied, beard balm will actually sit on your beard and skin longer than the oil, to give you an added layer of moisturizer. This will give a lasting shine to your beard to make it look strong and healthy.

Beard balm also does a great job of holding down those stubborn beard hairs that don’t like to go with the flow of the rest of your beard. It can also be used as a low-hold styling agent for your mustache and sideburns.

If your beard is exceptionally wiry or curly, no need to worry as our Balm will help Tame your Mane.

Our Beard Balm is available in 6 variants including our masterpiece the Premium Selection. Whether you’re more of an oil or a balm guy, you will enjoy all the variants.

For those of you wondering if you can apply both the oil and the balm to your beard at the same time, the answer is yes. Be conservative with the products. While using both in the appropriate amounts can be the perfect combination, you can easily over do it.

Tips & Tricks

– Scoop our balm out using the back of your thumb nail like an ice cream scoop. Then warm it up in the palm of your hand before applying.


– Use our oil in your hair in conjunction with our soon to be realised natural styling wax. This will give an incredible shine and hold to your hair.


– For weekend travel, take just the balm with you. It’s less likely to spill and cause a mess in your wash bag.


– In need of an impromptu shoe shine? I often use our balm on my leather shoes when in a rush and on the go. It includes similar ingredients to the famous oils & waxes available from big shoe companies.


– Dry & cracked skin or lips? All our products work great to help with a multitude of minor ailments. You can use our balm on your dry lips, while a couple of drops of our oil in the bath always go down a treat!


For any questions you may have please contact, and for future product discounts, grooming tips and more, please sign up to our mailing list.

In Update and News

There has been a relatively new trend set off in recent years — a regression to primal urges — where women find themselves attracted to men with facial and body hair.

Where our mothers had a thing for the clean-cut, well-groomed man, associating him with success and financial security, we ladies of the Millennial generation are finding ourselves enticed by the burly, more rugged hairy men.

If you’ve heard of Lumbersexuals, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A generous amount of body fuzz is no longer seen as an indicator of the scraggily or unmotivated, but rather the strong, independent and wise.

We’ve all been made aware of the merits of dating men with man buns and hairy chests. These men are strong, mature and virile.

And, likewise, there are countless reasons a girl should want to date a man with a beard. There is something even manlier and more primal about a beard than either a man bun or a hairy chest.

A beard is right there on a guy’s face. It’s the first thing a person will notice, and the first thing a guy will be asked about.

The man with a beard is a confident, desirable man. He’ll make a better boyfriend and, one day, a better father to your perfect offspring.

Here are 21 completely logical reasons why you should always date the guy who has a beard:

1. Beards are rugged and manly.

A man with a beard is just plain sexier than a man with a baby-bare face — just look at this guy. A girl loves a guy who looks like a manly beast.

Sometimes we just want to be manhandled, and a beard is a dead ringer for getting that kind of aggressive action. Not to mention, it looks like he could build you a house with his bare hands — and I am all about that.

2. Kissing is more fun.

Kissing a man with a beard tickles in a good way. It’s a little like receiving a free chin scratch. Also, there’s something decidedly aggressive about making out with a bearded man.

3. He goes down a lot better.

Holla! Nothing better than a beard on inner thighs, trust me. Once you go beard, you will never go back. Is that the saying? Well, it should be.

4. He looks good when he’s all dressed up.

A beard is a great contrast against a suit or a slick button up. Having a burly bit of facial hair adds a sense of the strapping woodcutter complemented by a stylish outfit. His beard also allows for a more acute confidence in your man, making him all that more appealing as your strapping arm candy.

5. It’s fun to stroke.

Men are a lot like dogs. They like to be rubbed and scratched. Having a beard is like having another pet. You can run your hands along his brawny mug instead of just plain old bare skin — and the ignited nerve-endings sure will be delighted.

 6. It keeps him warm.

A beard is like a sweater for his face. You won’t have to worry about your boo getting chilly when facing the winter wind. It’s a natural fighter against the elements. No walking pneumonia for your man.

7. He allows you to relive that rebellious streak from high school.

Beards have long since been aligned with “bad boys.” The guy who could grow a beard in high school probably had a motorcycle and a tattoo, making him the absolute worst nightmare for your parents.

Dating a guy with a beard later in life allows for that sexy rebelliousness you may not have gotten to explore, but without all of the added drama or encounters with the police.

8. Men with beards are healthier.

According to science, men with beards lead a healthier existence. The University of Southern Queensland published the results of a 2013 study on men with beards in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry Journal, finding that beards “block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays, slowing the aging process and reducing skin cancer.”

9. They’re Lumbersexual.

Lumbersexual: being attracted to men who look like lumberjacks. Yes, it’s a very real thing. Sometimes you just want to get down with someone who can handle an axe and who likes to build fires, all while sporting a full beard and a flannel. Phew… getting a little hot just thinking about it, you know?

10. A beard makes a man look older.

There’s a certain air of maturity around a man with a beard. Women tend to be attracted to older, worldlier guys and a beard is the perfect complement to that image.

11. It’s a symbol of virility and wisdom.

Historically, growing facial hair is attributed to puberty and the onset of manhood. The ability to grow a beard shows how men are becoming wiser, more mature and ready to make lots of babies, which of course makes our lady hormones go bonkers.

12. It makes them mysterious.

A man with a beard just seems sure of himself, all while maintaining an image of dark sophistication. There is something sexy and mysterious about a guy who dons a well-groomed bit of facial hair.

13. Other men respect him.

Just like Nick Offerman’s mustache, a beard demands respect from other men. Men want to be able to grow facial hair and demonstrate their sturdy manliness. When a man has a beard, he generates his Alpha status, making other males quake in his presence and look to him for guidance.

14. He’s obviously patient.

If he took the time to grow a beard, he clearly has no problem waiting for things to unfold. He isn’t hasty or rash; he is cool and calculating — letting everything he sets out to accomplish come to fruition in good time. He understands that a thing is better done with care to make it its best rather than done quickly and have it be subpar.

15. It shows commitment.

To commit to a beard is a big deal. Their maintenance is akin to the maintenance we ladies have to commit to when dealing with our bikini lines (though way less painful). They need to be trimmed, conditioned and managed with care. A guy with a beard is not some slovenly bum; he’s a man who is willing to take care of himself.

16. It shows he’s not cookie cutter.

A man with a beard is anything but ordinary. It shows that he isn’t afraid to be different and try something unusual. A man with a beard is down for spontaneity and adventure.

17. You can dress it up!

You can do so much with a beard! FlowersChristmas ornaments… there are so many different ways to have fun with a beard. It might be the most hipster thing on earth, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t super, super fun.

18. It reminds you of Jesus.

A beard just makes any man look more like the Son of God. And who isn’t going to want to jump on that? (And if he doesn’t have the abs, he might as well have the beard.)

19. He’s timeless.

He’ll always be a classic. Like Ernest Hemingway, your boyfriend is a tale as old as time. He’ll never go out of style, and he’ll always have an appreciation for the more refined.

20. He’ll always have conditioner at his apartment.

Honestly, dating a guy you don’t have to lug conditioner around for? Sign me up. The last thing I want to deal with is having my conditioner explode all over my overnight bag because I forgot (read: pressed snooze four times) to wash my hair in the morning.

21. It’s kind of like having a big dick.

Read whatever you want from this one. I know when I see a guy with an impressive beard, I always think to myself, “If that guy can grow a beard like that, I bet he is well-endowed.”

Source: Unknown

In Hints

Men’s Grooming is an area that no man should ever be complacent with. Don’t believe us? Ponder the vibes you’ll give off to your date when wearing an immaculate suit, smelling like roadkill and looking like Tom Hanks’ stunt double in Cast Away. Get the drift? Now follow these pointers in order to avoid being like the stunt double in an under budget action flick.


When the day comes for you to shave , remember this handy little grooming hack: Leave your shaving cream to settle on your skin for five minutes before commencing the cut. The finish will leave you without the red bumps and irritating skin or double it up with a shaving oil to reduce the latter.


No man likes to leave home looking like they’ve just waxed their face and have toilet paper to compensate for the bloody mess. Use a handy lip balm instead. Rub a small amount onto your finger and then apply over the wound. The wax texture will help seal the cut and act as a rapid blood clot. You’ll also be saving the trees!!!


Say what? You read right, you fine specimen of a man, you. This works best for roll on deodorants so grab an old roller you’ve got laying around and apply it to your heel area before inserting your feet into a fresh pair of dress shoes. You’ll notice a lot less friction when walking around and you’ll also avoid the nasty blister. Now you perfect that runway walk from fashion week without having to worry about those blisters.


Hey-yo Rocky, we know you lift but your gym bag stinks. Easy fix? Get yourself a nicely fragranced bar of soap, throw it in the gym bag and the odour will neutralise along with the soap. If  you’re paranoid, throw in three bars of soap just in-case.


Shaving cream may leave behind an uncomfortable sting and tingle due to its menthol-based ingredients. Use Beard Soap instead. It provides the same follicle-softening effect whist reducing skin friction and dare we say, accidental cuts. As Captain Planet says: The power is yours.


Cooking dinner for the sexy date and forgot to bring some gum? No kissy-kissy for you tonight. Or it is? Grab that bundle of parsley you’ve been chopping up, shove a few clovers in your mouth and chew away. It won’t taste the greatest but the enzymes in the parsley help deodorise bad breath. Remember to rinse out with water though otherwise you’ll look like an even bigger grub.


This grooming tip is more about prevention than reaction. By drying your razor or straight razor with a blow dryer after every shave, you’re removing the water that can cause rust and a build up of residue on the blades. Either of those will drastically limit the life span of your razor blade costing you a fortune. So take an extra 30 seconds to dry those babies off before packing it away.


Not a fan of the bed hair? No worries. Ran out of hair product? No worries. Find your closest hand cream and lather it through your hair evenly. It’ll do the job nicely whilst not smelling too shabby.


Water is your best friend when it comes to nails. They absorb the water and in turn soften your finger and toe nails. This is the perfect time to attack them with the clippers as they’re more flexible, leaving little chance for cutting into yourself especially when the nail is stiff and dry.


Ran out of Deo? This trick will help you in that emergency situation.Find yourself some cheap Vodka laying around and do something useful with it. Like pouring it into a spray bottle and lightly covering it on your odor emitting shirt. Remember, the idea is to spray on a light mist and not soak the garment. Once the alcohol in the Vodka evaporates, it takes with it the odor. Explaining the legitimacy of the smell to the police at a random breath testing station is another story.