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Peppermint Shampoo by Beard Boys will leave your scalp with an invigorating sensation! Try it out, you know you want to!



Our Peppermint shampoo synthesizes natural peppermint extract with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Effectively purifies and balances all hair and scalp types, unlike traditionally harsh detergents. Blended to be gentle for frequent use without drying, stripping, irritation, or build-up. Mildly foaming, residue-free formula leaves hair soft and scalp conditioned. Natural fragrance and color.

Select ingredients.
• amino acids thoroughly cleanse without drying.
• peppermint adds an energizing scent.
• olive oil moisturizes.

Massage a small amount onto wet hair and scalp to create a gentle lather. Rinse clean.

1 review for Peppermint Shampoo

  1. Damian

    Best shampoo ever!!! Used it on my 5 year old boy and had no issues at all. Great product!

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